What the public think of home care services


We recently had the opportunity to see some statistics from readers of The Guardian newspaper in the UK. The statistics were about homecare services and allowed people to share their thoughts on aspects of it.

As a team, we are personally big fans of the whole domiciliary care industry. One of our team members in particular (I won’t name them) had to hire a northampton dementia care agency to take care of her mother. She is very close to her mum and it was a difficult decision for her to make. Now her mum is happy with the regularly carer visiting her home and she’s happy because of that.

Back to the statistics…

The first question asked about peoples experiences over the last two years and asked how easy it was to achieve specific things. We’ll share some of the interesting stats and you can go ahead and view them yourself at the end. The biggest number of “difficults” was for choosing how home care services are delivered, 70% of people said this was difficult. Another big difficulty people reported was with changing care provider if someone is not happy with the care. This is unfortunate as it is a big worry for many people. A plus side is that 42% of people said it is easy to make a complaint – at least you can express your thoughts! Continue reading

Hello world! The beginning of N-Tolerance

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